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5 Tips to Avoid Shoulder Injuries

1. Distribute the weight of bags equally between both hands to avoid excessive strain on just one arm.plantar-fasciitis

2. Carry a backpack instead of shoulder sling bag – this will avoid repetitive strain and pressure on just one shoulder. If there is a need to carry a shoulder sling bag, e.g. camera bag, ladies’ hand bags, change sides frequently or get use cushioned wider straps to avoid repetitive pressure points on just one shoulder.

3. When in bed, If you are already feeling some shoulder discomfort, support your shoulders by placing a pillow under your shoulder joints or arms as needed for comfort. With shoulder discomfort, avoid sleeping on your side as the compression into your should joint can increase the pain.

4. Maintain good posture – enhance your shoulder motion by tucking in your chin and pulling your shoulder back. If someone were to look at yourself from a profile view, your ears shoulders, hips,  knees and ankle should all align.

5. Targeted stretches: move regularly and engage in stretching exercise will instantly reduce muscular tension on your neck, shoulder and back.